Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ozone Ozium

Ozone Ozium
First, i am not an expert in super light pod harnesses !
I can only compare it with the Advance lightness.
Because this one is super ‘duper’ light and i could find just the necessary things to hold me into this pod harness.

Seat adjustment with folding lines, and no seat board.
Sitting in the L size harness and M pod, with my 1.81 and 75 kg is just ok.

Proper time is needed to adjust it.
I could only say that it was a bit less comfortable than the Lightness i had, but not everyone could agree as we all have different body shapes…

This is surely a very light pod harness with back protection for fly and hike around the world with just the needed items to be airborne.
Feels like you’re in the X-Alps


Lightness pluses : comfort, feels solid.

Lightness minuses : Back protection, chest strap adjustments, getting on board.


Ozium pluses : Light, Back protection, Chest strap adjustment, Getting on board, rescue system.

Ozium minuses : Feels very minimalistic (May be it’s me), hard seat adjustments, a bit less comfortable than the lightness.


  1. Hi Ziad,

    Are you planning on posting any video with the Ozium?

  2. Lightness 2 is now avalible obviously with improvments. Back support and adjustment made better for taller pilots also the matertial is light but more durable compared to the Lightness 1

  3. hello Ziad, greetings from Guatemala, we are a small community of pilots in the country (only 15) and we learn a lot of blogs like yours, so thanks.
    one of the pilots fly with this harness (ozium) size L and pod size m, his height is 1.83m and his weight is 77.23 kg (only pilot), his wing is a Ozone Delta 3 size ML and his weight in fly is 98kg / 100kg dependts of the conditions, he is experimenting a lot of roll movements when he is flying, there is a way to reduce this roll movements on the setup of the harness? or this is normal because the seatboard less harnes? do you have some wisdom that you can share with us. I saw one of the picture in the this articule that the pilot can adjust the chest strap to adjust the roll movements can you explain a little bit more please?


    1. Hi Daniel,
      Thank you.
      The harness configuration of the Ozium is deleivering those roll movements.some pilots like it some don't..he can choose a harness with seat board. The exoceat is heavy but very roll stable.


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