Tuesday, December 2, 2014

NIVIUK Artik 4 25


 NK delayed all my ordered gliders . Artik 4 probably in + 8 months … !! or never...
It was an obvious and clear message. Thank you … :-)
Got many supporting emails… Two pilots even offered to send me their gliders (Really grateful) …
Or an immediate purchase from anywhere in the planet, thanks to all the superb friends in the social media network !
One option taken :
The ARTIK 4 25 is here  :-)
OLivier Nef designs with the Artik 1/2/3 was very good .
First impressions on the Artik 4 seems interesting ...  ;-) 
NIVIUK Artik 4 25

I had received many emails concerning this glider, and i got one against all odds…for a test flight.

I spent time comparing it with one of the best C glider of the moment in terms of climbing and gliding.

The Artik 4 25 launches very easy .It doesn’t shoot forward and stays gently above the pilots head.

Once in the air, the Artik 4 gave me this immediate confidence inspiring feel, ( pillow feel ) , which is becoming more and more difficult to find in today’s C category.

First thermal and the Artik 4 quickly follow the pilots commands in a smooth and obedient circle…The feeling underneath is surprisingly comfortable !

The brakes are relatively medium to short on the size 25 , flying it 90 all up with moderate to light pressure, linear ,precise ,and the Artik 4 can be described as quite agile !
I could place the Artik 4 in the tightest thermal !
Suits perfectly my taste in turning ability and brake feel .

Despite having only 2 lines on the A, and B, risers, the Artik 4 is very coherent and move as a whole structure, without any weaknesses to the airfoil. The energy retention when going for wing overs is very good ! The structure seems very solid !

Gliding performance:
Despite it’s easiness in flight and the superb handling, the Artik 4 gave me the surprise of the year in gliding power !

Going head to head with another high C glider (A 5) at trim speed for about 12 km, showed an equal trim speed and glide with a slight favor to the Artik 4 ! ! (Video soon )
…At second bar the Artik 4 has a speed around 54 km/h at 1000 ASL.

The glide and speed at full bar matches exactly the Alpina 2 SM i have here. (same loadings)

As for the climbing ability the Artik 4 showed me a potential only found on the high C’s . It climbs in the weak thermals (- 0.2 m/s ) as the A5 does… Low saves are indeed saved with the A4 Smile
I sensed that the key is let this glider fly at trim even in the weakest thermals especially when facing the valley breeze. It seems to be more efficient hands up.

Big ears are stable, and a great way to get down if coupled with bar. Wing overs are a delight.The pilot can get over the glider on the second wing ! 360’s gets you down real quick. The Artik 4 will put it’s pilot or the new comer from a B glider in his comfort zone but don’t forget the strong energy retention .

My earlier mishaps with NIVIUK about refusing to sell me the A4, did in fact put lots of suspicions in my mind …It was easy to purchase one…even from the Esquimo people Smile
Honestly…I never thought it will have this complete package !
I don’t know why NIVIUK was trying to hide that glider !
The administration must trust more their R&D creations … Wink

Conclusion: I’m writing this last paragraph , and i’m still thinking of this well sorted glider…
NIVIUK has built an easy C with a high “fun” factor !
It has a moderate aspect ratio, cool handling, crazy performance in this (medium) C segment.


Pushing the bar at max speed looses a bit in glide, and the flying in strong conditions needs active piloting as the structure snakes around.


thomaskeefer said...

Thanks for doing these tests! Which glider do you think is the best choice for pure XC flying between the current C range? How does the Artik 4 compare with the Artik 3? The Delta 2 and Aspen 5?

Ziad Bassil said...

Thomas, All these gliders you mentioned have enough performance to take you anywhere for XC flying. It all depends on your taste for handling versus climb and speed.... Please look at the C comparison down the page. Cheers,

Matthieu Constanzo said...
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Matthieu Constanzo said...

Further to this test, I don't know why Niviuk refused to send you their Artik 4..it does not give them a good image. Because it is not a better glider than the Alpina? Lol Thanks for remaining independent!

Matthieu Constanzo said...

After 175 hours under the Sigma 9 23, I am aiming at the Artik 4 21 (PTV : 74/76). What do you think ? I loved the way the Artik 4 handled small thermals and the way it iturned almost flatly (whereas the Sigma has a tendency to deepen a bit). Thank you for your help and your tests which are the only source I rely on for comparisons ;)

Ziad Bassil said...

HI, Sorry for the late reply... I think the A4 has the edge of performance over the S9...The S9 is more comfortable and easier to manage in strong conditions...

Unknown said...

Hi Ziad, i wanted to know your opinion on a specific topic, do you think is a good wing for someone coming from 3 years of high B category? Or maybe its too much to handle? Thanks for your fantastic reviews like always! ;-)

Ziad Bassil said...

Yes sure ,if you already have flown in overall conditions easily,then it's quite simple to fly the A4.

VitaminD239 said...

Hi Ziad,
I just returned from trip to Roldanillo, Colombia where I flew Artic-3, <95kg. Great trip/experience all in all but I had hard time climbing, staying up in light thermals and at lower altitudes. I was a bit heavy - 97kg - for the wing. Do u thing it was the issue? Would going to the next size and Artik-4 make it better? Appreciate yr advise and all testing you do.

Ziad Bassil said...

Hi Dimitri,
The best way to fly the Artik 4 is on top of its weight in order to prevent some frontal collapses.

Unknown said...

Hello Ziad! Can you give me advice - i dont know what to buy now - Axis Vega 5 or Niviuk Artik 4. I'm looking for fun wing thats better for thermal flying and have good perfomance. Artik 4 is a end of 2014 year wing... Vega 5 is 2016 ... My wing now is Advance Sigma 8 - but i'm bored a bit. It have not good perfomance now and i need like a new step ahead.

Ziad Bassil said...

Yes the Artik 4 is a nice wing...but the performance increase over the S8 is not that big...if you can handle the Trango X race...it will be a bigger step.

Unknown said...

Thanks for advice! what about axis vega 5? Trango X-race coasts aloat... btw why there is no any axis in your blog? :)

Ziad Bassil said...

My best glider was a Venus 2 RX.
The past 3 years I didn't purchase an Axis glider...i think this will change :-)
Let's see...