Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mac Para Elan Light 24

Mac Para Elan Light 24  70-90

Earlier i test flew the Elan 26 normal version, and was very impressed by the comfort and the performance of that C glider.
Now here's the Elan light in size 24 flown at 88 all up with a lightness 2 harness.

The risers are very thin and connected directly to the lines as the Mac Yucon light glider .

Take off is smooth and easy¦
First turn and i was already having an ear to ear smile !
The brake pressure is light and the brake fan is super precise, super direct, and a real pleasure to fly that glider as ±15 cm are needed to turn that glider in thermals.

The comfort is there ! The Elan light is also inherited the comfort of the Eden 5 . It moves smoothly as a whole, without excessive movements as if the pilot is on a mid B glider.

Of course in strong conditions it needs a C pilot, but it surely is a mild C and pilots coming from the B category will find a real pleasure in thermal flying.

The climb ability of the Elan light is among the best in the C category. It climb quickly with the first thermal breathe.

The glide angle is similar to the normal Elan which is very good for the 2015 middle C category.

Test flying many gliders, makes it sometimes very difficult to be impressed, but the Elan light 24  has one of the best handling (turning ability) , with exquisite flying pleasure and feel a pilot can experience !


  1. Hi Ziad,
    thanks for great review. I am still wondering, what size of this wing (elan light) would be better for my take of weight 87-92kg all up (depending on harness and loading with other stuff). I am flying mainly in flatlands, but several times a year in Alps as well. Size 26 with its very wide range of 78 - 100kg has pretty big surface in comparison with other gliders with similar take of weight. I think elan 24 could be safer in strong conditions but on the other hand, elan 26 could stay airborne in weak conditions for longer, while being litle nervous in mountains, correct? Thanks a lot. Tomas

  2. HI Tomas, I think the 24 is still fine at 90 92 all up. The climb in weak conditions is still ok.

  3. Hi Ziad,
    what do you think about the Elan light 24 @ 83Kg?
    I'm doin XC up to 150Km and like to stay on the safe and comfortable side.
    Now I'm quite happy on a Mentor 2XS @ max weight but it's getting old.

  4. Hi Ziad
    The Elan Light seems to be a perfect hike&fly-canopy.
    What about the packing size?
    My Alpina 2 is so huge that I cant bring it into my hike&fly backpack (Kortel Sak with Kruyer).
    Do you know if the packed Elan is more compact than the Alpina 2?
    Thanks a lot for your graet reviews!


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