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Friday, June 19, 2015

Skywalk Arriba 3 S

Skywalk Arriba 3 S
From my past beautiful experience flying the Tequila 4 S ,here is the light version with same specs ,the Arriba 3.
Unsheathed lines on the upper cascade that are linked directly to the glider and regular lines on the rest.
Launching is very easy with the light cloth.
The Arriba 3 has a new turning feature ! It turns even before the pilots pulls the brake ;-) !
I’m joking …of course, but it’s an agile wing and may be slightly more agile and dynamic than the Tequila 4.

In thermals the Arriba 3 is not a dampened glider. It feels like it’s always smiling and enjoying the flight !
The brake response is short ,direct, and dynamically agile for the low B category !

The climb rate in weak conditions at 90 all up on the S size is very good ! it floats nicely in the air with the feeling of a solid, compact, agile little devil :-)
For a low aspect ratio performance glider that’s unique !

With it’s high trim speed for that category, the glide is surprisingly very good in calm air ! At least at trim speed that could be similar to the Chili 3 !
If only the Chili 3 had that linear and sharp handling…. Arhhhhhh !

Testing flying the Arriba 3, gave me a great deal of pleasure !
Every centimeter of travel, resulted in a linear response as if the pilot was an extension of the glider !

Big ears are stable ,but when applying bar ,they become pretty unstable .

Conclusion: A light, super nice, pleasurable to fly glider with plenty of performance that will draw a guaranteed  smile on your face, for the slightly experienced B pilots. It’s like driving a Porsche Boxter !

Test flying gliders isn’t always a good experience. But flying the Arriba 3 is one to remember :-)


Unknown said...

Hi Ziad. I consider the Tequila4 or Arriba3 as my entry into the EN-B segment. It will be used 95% for coastal soaring. I consider Tequila 4S and M and Arriba 3S. My naked weight is 80 kg which mean I will be in top range or a little above the Tequila4S (70-95 kg). In the low 50% of the Tequila4M range (85-110kg). The Arriba 3S is rated for 70-100kg which I think would be a better choice regarding weight range). If the tequila4S was rated 70-100 kg as the Arriba S it think I would go for the Tequila4 S. Will you share a thought with me about this matter ?

Ziad Bassil said...

Hi ,
Yes you are right.
The Arriba 3 will be better for your weight.
It has a superb handling...really fun
Enjoy :-)