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Monday, November 9, 2015


The Forza is OZONE new XC harness.
Some of this harness features is an anti-G front pocket, one pocket for talkie walkie, a nice double and large cockpit, one place for a rescue, openings in the pod for urinating tubes, a certified 17 cm back protection, an adjustable speed bar, a small red ball to tie on the shoe laces for a pod recovery after take off, no seat board, etc…
There are lots of adjustments for a comfortable sitting position.Flying the the Forza showed me a very comfortable sitting position that is similar or quite close to the Impress 3.
The legs rests naturally like sitting on a sofa and there’s no need to put any effort to keep them straight inside the pod.
However the strong point of the Forza is the precise transmission that is received from the glider above.
The Forza doesn’t have the unnecessary roll movements found earlier on the Impress 3 but does inform the pilot in a soft and precise manner.
After some hours flying under C and D gliders, i can confirm the overall comfort, stability and usability to be really interesting !
The M size with the M pod suits my height of 1.81 and 74 kg very well. In fact i think that even 1.83 pilots would fit nicely.

Despite not having a seat board, the weight shift is still fine with this harness. Of course seat board harnesses will always have this lock feel in a turn, but with the Forza it’s getting a bit closer.

The construction on the Forza looks very good ! It’s a step forward from the light Ozium, and resembles the Exoceat harness in it’s robust construction weighting around 5 kg for the M !

Conclusion: The Forza is a complete harness with great comfort, accessibility, and a certified protection with lots of features.
If the price suits you, then it’s a must to try that one !


Ivan said...

Hello Ziad, thanks a lot for your review. I am actually flying a XR6 with you now very well also. I am looking for a lighter harness, how would you compare the Forza in flight with the XR6? The XR6 has a plate but with is very narrow so I really wonder how it feels. The XR6 is the best harness I have ever had, very comfy and has just the sensitivity I am looking for. Any of your comments will be grandly appreciated! Cheers Ivan

Ziad Bassil said...

Hi Ivan,
Yes the xr6 is a very nice overall harness that I really like. The difference between the two is a more comfortable sitting position for the Forza, but with slightly less sensitivity in weight shifting.
You can try to remove the seat board of the xr6 and try it....A bit more pressure to the thighs but the precision is still there with a more comfy seat !
Cheers, Ziad

Milko Krastev said...

Hi Ziad, are you going to publish a video for the Forza? Thanks!

Ziad Bassil said...

Hi Milko,
Yes I'll try. :-)

Atolica said...

Hi Ziad

It would be great if you'll find time for uploading the Forza review video.