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Thursday, September 8, 2016



The Leaf (nice name for a paraglider ! ) is the first Supair certified as a B glider and intended for a larger group in this segment.
The take off is super easy for a B with no hang back or shooting forward.

I flew the Leaf in different conditions from weak to rough conditions and i have now a solid idea about it’s behavior.

In rough turbulent thermals the Leaf resembles the low B category gliders ex: Ion 4 by the comfort it delivers and ease of use.
Inside the thermals, the Leaf S (75-95) loaded at 92 is a real pleasure ! The brakes have moderate pressure similar to the M4 or the Ion 4. A little more pressure than the Swift or the Rush 4.

The brakes are linear, precise and direct, delivering a superb maneuverability!
I could place the Leaf exactly where i wanted even in the roughest of air. The Leaf reacts like an extension of the pilot arm. I re-discovered flying pleasure on board this colored ‘toy’ !

Climbing with reference gliders showed me an impressive climb rate ! I could easily stay near the excellent Swift 4 ! and in rough air i could out-climb easily many high end gliders. For sure the climbing ability of the Leaf puts it right among the top gliders in the mixed B category .

The speed system is easy to push with a moderate pressure, less than the Mentor 4, a bit harder than the Swift 4 pressure. The top speed of the Leaf is around 10 km/h over trim .

Doing lots of glide i noticed a nice trim speed in calm air for the Leaf slightly more than the Rush 4 . The glide however puts the Leaf in the first part of the mixed B category .

Big ears are stable, efficient and reopen by themselves.

I enjoyed every second flying the Leaf. It was nice to feel like a ‘leaf’ again  :-) .
The climb rate and the handling will draw smiles bigger than the pilots faces !  :-)
The Leaf is a moderate B glider just in the middle of this huge B category. It is not a very low boring B nor a lively high B. It’s a balanced well behaved mid B.
The Leaf glide angle will share the first part of this B category.
I think the Leaf with its sheathed lines all over was created not to drag race the top B contenders with a knife between the teeth…. but to deliver comfort, ease of use, excellent climbing, pleasure and a lovely handling.


Unknown said...

Video please.

Seko said...

Hi Ziad, thank you for your beneficial explanations. Ä°f you have time to share a video with Leaf!.... Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

Hi Ziad !
In the scarce midd B Category, can you compare more precisely the Leaf with the Kibo ?
Both seem rather comfortable but you seemed to have been more impressed by the Leaf ?
If you had to choose one of this glider to fly XC in a relaxed manner, which would you ?

Ziad Bassil said...

The Zeno :-)
Seriously... It depends on the pilot.. The Leaf is very comfortable.. The Kibo is a good choice for XC...cheers

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thx for the anwser ! I will need to try both the Leaf Light and the Lhotse, and see if they will replace my Mentor 3 light.
The Leaf has the advantage of suiting my weight range better (75kg) except during Vol Bivouac where I go over 80.

Anonymous said...

Ziad, can you clarify a bit on the glider performance of the Leaf. My reading of your review is that it does not glide with the better performing B wings. Is that correct?