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Thursday, October 20, 2016


Gradient Nevada 2 S  (70-90) 

The Nevada 2 is the new high end B glider from Gradient. 
2 lines per side on the A’s and three row of lines with similar configuration as the Aspen 4.

I flew the S size from 85 to 90 in different conditions from weak to strong.
Launching the Nevada 2 is easy for a high B glider. 
After some flights i found the best weight under it in overall conditions is around 88 all up.

The roll movements are present on the Nevada 2 S in turbulent conditions, slightly more than the Rush 4. 
In strong turbulent cores, a keen high B pilot could easily manage it.The improvement in brake travel is now enhanced over its predecessor the Nevada 1 with a relatively moderate to short brake travel, a soft pressure (like the Rush4) and a nice agility in turns. 
Before entering thermals, with no brakes applied, the Nevada 2 S at 90 all up slows a bit ,pitch slightly back and then climb away.  
The climb in weak is still very good even loaded comparable with the BGD Base. 
The glide at trim and accelerated is good for the high B category ! It could be placed among the top five in terms of glide efficiency !
Big ears are stable and a good way to get down. 

Conclusion: The Nevada 2 S has everything to be quite competitive and pleasant to fly for a high B glider. It needs active piloting in turbulent conditions. The glide especially accelerated is very nice for the category.


Stefano said...

Hi Ziad,
Thanks as always for all the effort you put into testing all these gliders.
I currently own a Rush 4 and love it despite the slowish speed. Could you please comment a bit more about the characteristics of this Nevada 2? What is its top speed? What do you think of the "VO system" Gradient has used instead of the classic sharknose? More info on the glide vs. the hottest high EN-B?
I'm asking all these questions because I don't know if it is time for me to put my trusted Rush4 on sale (still in very good conditions) or to wait another season...
Thanks again, cheers,


Ziad Bassil said...

Hi Stephano,
I think they are very similar in everything.i like the turning ability of the Rush 4. The top speed is slightly on the N2 side by 2 km h.
Not much...
Cheers Ziad

Unknown said...

The information come more with the brake ore with the riser? Is the nevada 2 similar sensitive like his predessor in week termal?

Ziad Bassil said...

Hi, information is more by the risers..
It's not as efficient in weak thermals as its predecessor but still nice.
Cheers Ziad

Unknown said...

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