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Friday, October 13, 2023

PHI Scala 2 19 - 75-100

PHI Scala 2  19 -  75-100 

The Scala 2 from PHI is a 2-liner, certified EN-C with a 6.8 Aspect ratio, normal cloth, and full rods all the way.
The manufacturing process is very neat.  
The lines are unsheathed and quite reduced to deliver less drag. 

Launching the Scala 2 with my x-rated 6 harness at 93 all up needs a steady pull, as the glider feels a bit heavy on pull. But still inflates evenly and I didn’t notice a surge, just a bit slow to rise.
In the air, the brake travel is short with moderate to hard pressure after 15 cm of travel. After flying nearly all the latest 2 liners, I felt that the Scala 2 felt a bit heavier to steer in the air at 93 all up. The Scala 2 as an EN-C glider, has to moderate and acceptable agility, and is easy to induce a turn in moderate conditions.
The Scala 2 feels very compact and in turbulence, it doesn’t require a lot of pilot control, like the Photon. It moves as a whole block. It is a comfortable glider to fly for the aspect ratio, but also, you can feel that you are flying a higher-rated glider, by its ability to search the air. 
Climbing in weak thermals less than (-1 m/s), isn’t the Scala 2 strong point. It needs a bit of time to rise up. When thermals go more than +1.0 m/s The Scala 2 has no problem climbing with the best C’s.  
We felt that the Scala 2 is a glider that enters quite efficiently the airmass going forward, rather than a floater that gains altitude but stays slightly behind. 

Gliding with the Scala 2 19, at 93 all up, next to a Photon MS at 93 at trim and top speed is almost identical. 
The Scala 2 has an impressive glide angle and probably a slightly faster trim speed (0.25 km/h) than the C’s I tested. 
The top speed is also the same as the Photon MS loaded at 93. If you load the Scala 2 near the top…it surely be faster.  

I gave the Scala 2 also to my friend and we did almost an 4 hour flight tip to tip, and we noticed that the Scala 2 kept close all the way in glides with the photon, but sometimes needed a bit more time to reach the Photon in the climb. My friend’s usual glider is an XC Racer 2 and later he told me that he felt that the information for thermal searching sent by the Scala 2 is very close to his glider but with more comfort.  He was happy flying it.   

The speed bar has a moderate pressure and steering with the B risers is quite efficient in moderate turbulence with a calm glider to control. 

I like that riser setup! 
Wingovers are quite impressive and deliver nice stored energy. 
Ears with outer B’s are large and quite efficient.

The 2-liner C category, holds now many new releases, and the Scala 2 adds to the category the flavor of flying a high aspect ratio glider but with a comfortable package. I missed that exceptional nimble feel of the beautiful Maestro 2 and the pleasurable handling of the sweet Allegro! 
With Its 6.77 aspect ratio, the S
cala 2 is created to glide, and the promise is reel. 

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