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Saturday, March 9, 2024

UP Meru 2 SM

UP Meru 2. SM

I already flew the first 2 liner Meru 1. In summary, a gentle and accessible glider for the D category, with nice handling.
Here comes the new Meru 2 EN-D 2 liner, for 2023/24.
The glider is built with long rods on the upper and lower surfaces. The finish details are nice. You can see all the details and materials over here:
The Meru 2 can be launched easily without any wind, as it inflates easily and rises smoothly without any hard points. On stronger windy days, I found it easy to inflate and it shows a homogenous compact behavior even on the ground.

Flying the Meru 2 :
At 97...98 all up, for the SM size from 88-101, the Meru 2 has a short brake travel for moderate air and thermals. I could easily and with only 5 cm guide the Meru 2 in moderate thermals. The pressure in those first 10 cm is on the moderate side. In stronger air a little more brake is needed to keep the Meru 2 overhead, probably 20..25…is sufficient in most conditions. After the 10 cm gap, the first contact with the trailing edge +10 cm to steer the glider has a moderate pressure as I wrote. The next 10…15 cm are quite firm in pressure and possibly a bit hard only in turbulent and choppy air, like between inversions or sharp thermal edges that you will lower your brakes to keep it inflated.

In moderate air, at 98 I found that the Meru 2 is a comfortable glider to fly for the 2-liner D category. The overall movements reminded me of the 2 liner C category. The Tango-X moves in itself much more, the Meru 2 is a stiff glider in construction.
In strong air and edgy thermals, the Meru 2 with a 7 aspect ratio needs good pilot control as this EN-D class requires. But the overall movements are still quite slower than on the Zeno 2 for example.
I felt that in strong air, the best is to fly the Meru 2 at max weight. 100/101, as the pilot would have more response of turn inside a small core from the glider.

The Meru 2 can be considered a fairly agile glider. Not as agile as the Trango-X! Or an XC Racer 2. Different concepts of agility.
At 98, when applying brakes, the turn inside a thermal is smoothly initiated, and probably slightly slower to close a 360 inside a thermal than a Zeno 2 or Trango-X for example. The Zeno 2 is more nervous and can be steered more aggressively inside a thermal. The Meru 2 felt more calm in turns. In good generous, XC conditions flying it at 100/101, is ideal.

I didn’t feel or see any yaw movements under the Meru 2. The structure is like a monobloc with calmer movements than Zeno 2. Saying that in strong air, it requires around 35 % more active piloting than a 2 liner C-class glider like Artik/R or Trango-X for example.

I flew in the company of a Zeno 2 MS at 96 as I was on the Meru 2 at 96.5 all up. In very weak thermals less than 0.5 m/s, both seem close inside that weak climb. In stronger cores above 2 m/s also seems very efficient with a good climb.
I will hopefully update my 2 liner Comparison for details.

Gliding next to the Zeno 2 at trim speed and 55 km/h was also equal for both! The Meru 2 showed me a very nice glide and didn’t lose height compared to the Zeno 2.
Stepping on the second bar has a moderate foot pressure and I could reach a top speed of 21 km/h over trim on the Meru 2 at 98 all up taken at 1000 ASL.
Even when pulleys are overlapping, the Meru 2 structure felt solid, and there weren’t any roll movements.
Ears with outer B’s are easy to induce. Wingovers build nicely with high energy!

The Meru 2 has a different feel from the Meru 1 while having the same comfort underneath. I felt it is better to load it when conditions are strong probably to get that snappy turn and feel. In moderate conditions, flying it at 98 is ok.
The glide at the speed bar seems very good with a stiff solid feel from the glider. I could prefer softer brakes and a quicker turn radius, but as I mentioned on good days, a loaded Meru 2 is an efficient gliding machine to go far or to win comps.


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