Monday, December 21, 2009

NIVIUK ARTIC 2 (75-95)

ARTIC 2 (75-95)
Test at 95 kg all up, with an Impress 2 + Pod harness.
Launching this glider is amazingly easy in all kind of wind. It inspire confidence even before takeoff.
After flying this glider for 50 hours, here is what I have to say.
In thermals the wing is very precise .The brakes are not long just perfect. You can place the glider whenever you want and the precision is great. The agility is just perfect for this cat. RATE for agility: 9/10---Rate for precision of the brakes: 9.3/10.

The climbing ability is very good .The glider quickly converts any lift to a wonderful climb. Even in the choppiest of lifts. Head wind, no wind, weak lift, strong lift, the glider is a wonderful piece of flying machine….RATE for climbing ability in weak conditions: 9/10. RATE for climbing ability in turbulent conditions +head wind: 8.8/10.

The glide in calm air is very close to 9.3

Security: Asymmetric felt very soft, with no change of direction if you only counter steer with the harness. Frontals reopen fast. Overall a very nice and safe glider in the LTF-2 cat. RATE for comfort: 8.8/10

I used the speed bar at the fullest in turbulent conditions and the wing just kept its path at a very good glide.

In turbulent conditions the glider moves a lot ,but not over a high angle ,so you feel that it moves but just keeps above your head all the time.

Overall RATE:9.5/10

Conclusion: Since 1991 this glider is the best I have ever flown in the LTF-2 cat. Cannot say more than that!!!

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