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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NOVA ION (90-110) LOW LTF 1-2

I had the opportunity to fly the ION Large 90-110,for an hour
loaded at 100 kg.
First you can see the thick lines and regular risers. It inspires confidence just by the look of it.
The A riser has only 2 lines. So the big ears are big and useful!.

There is also a certain pocket inside the whole lengths of the intrados !

Take off is really easy in all conditions.
In the air the Ion is a tough one-piece paraglider. Very tough and solid. It is really easy to fly it. It feels very secure.
A new pilot will feel immediately at home! .

As for the handling it is not boring as I thought. The glider turn well with very forgiving input. It is surely trimmed for beginner pilots, but with a touch of easiness for coring the thermals.
By flying next to other gliders, I was impressed by the climbing ability of the ION.

I felt that it bites the thermals well for its category, and it likes to be left flying .Not too much brake is needed. The glider hands up with a touch of brake can climb brilliantly.

The induced asymmetric are very benign .It is difficult to get a big collapse (good pressure) and they feel that they never did happen .The opening is fast without any change of direction.
The difference between the ORYX and ION is large,as the ORYX is intended for educated pilots.

Flying it for a small time does not give a big resume, but it shows that the ION is a low LTF 1-2, surely intended for beginners and for those who fly less than 25 hours a year.

A big thanks for Rony , lending me his glider and for the video and pics .
A beginner but talented pilot ;-) .


Unknown said...

hi Zen,
my name is bawa sidhu and i have just started learning this awesome sport.

i would like to buy my own equipment before i learn more about this sport.
i would love any inputs you can give me for the wings and harness that i should buy.

my body weight without any clothes is 126.7 kilos and i am 6 feet tall.

bawa sidhu

email id is .

Ziad Bassil said...

Thanks for your interest.I believe,the best way is to ask your instructor.He will surely guide you better as he knows your skill level.