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Thursday, April 22, 2010

OZONE MANTRA R-10.3 (90-100)

When the BBHPP came first into the worlds, every pilot was dreaming of flying something like that. It was a clever move for the OZONE team to introduce to the market the R-10 series based on the BBHPP. Some pilots wanted this glider to win comps, and some for the taste of flying one of the best performance glider available in 2010 with the latest technologies and optimum drag reduction.

The Mantra R-10 came with a different glider box. One that is rectangular, for the plastic inserts to fit inside without being torn.Opening the glider and spreading it on the ground is a show to watch. Beside being very thin and long, the beautiful finish of the glider and risers to the last detail, is exceptional.

The cells having plastic inserts up to 60 cm from the leading edge is neat having a tiny shape and racy look.

The upper brake lines are not made from dental floss category, they are history, now the new technology is mosquito legs,sewed together....I think ;-)

Risers have two trims from each side, the upper one works only in accelerated mode, race to goal (fast, stable, less glide angle), the lower one have a positive ( for increasing trim speed and acts like the accelerator with excellent glide) and negative position ( for weak thermal conditions).

My first comp glider was in 96 with the airwave xmx and each time i flew a comp glider i feel that i am not only in another class of gliders but in another dimension. The R-10 is no exception at all. In the contrary, seeing the glider on the ground is like having the genie of the lamp appearing by your side and taking you to a world cup circuit and giving you Micheal schumacher's F1 race car, without the keys...He says you only need to push this button...And i did.

Launching the glider is easy for that category, maybe because of well shaped leading edge.
Looking up to see the glider before launch, i thought i had my fish eye sunglasses... But they did not invent that yet... It is soooo thin...Running a few steps in the hill i wondered how this piece of Victoria's secret latest model string will lift me up...but it did gracefully :-)

Starting in weak conditions, at 99 all up, the pitch movement is nearly absent. Strangely I heard the vario with a small....Bipbipbip...another bip bip. It is nice to have a glider that biiips without thermals!!! ;-)

Turning in those conditions is nice. I found that the brakes are light and the OZONE touch is there. It has a little long and progressive input. It works on 15 cm, but the stall point is far just a little below the hips. ( depends on the harness)

In turbulent conditions I felt that the glider is comfortable for a competition glider of that caliber,but require more input and finesse to control than any EN-D glider i have tested.

It surges positively into the thermal,moves and requires a precise input to control it. The brakes are very efficient and could stop the surges promptly like a cutting machine.
To fly this glider in all conditions needs a little adaptation to the movements and brake travel.

It climbs quickly like a feather, effortlessly.In a well built thermal, it cores perfectly with a lot of energy.

Big ears are unstable, wing overs are nice and very powerful, 360's needs a little persistence to enter.

Trim speed is around 42km/h, first bar is impressive with 53 km/h!!! Glide at that speed is pure hallucinations!!!
As i said i was driving Micheal Schumacher F1 race car!!!

Conclusion: I am very happy to have tasted this exceptional feeling in the air of an aircraft of another dimension.I asked myself how will Micheal feel when he drives his usual sport car? Doesn't he feels the rush for his F1? How could he survive without the RACE adrenaline?
How will I cope again with the EN-D gliders?  but suddenly i woke up....
I am not Micheal Schumaker.


Anonymous said...

Ouf, I was worrying, no news for a long time. I hope you've had long flights with it.

Ziad Bassil said...

Hi Christian,
The R-10 was heavily delayed in our customs.I had to wait 21 days!!! I hope the weather will be nice the next week in order to have nicer flights.

flyingman said...

"it's nice to have a glider that biips without thermals". hahaha that is great to hear. Can't wait till I receive my R10. :-)

Ziad Bassil said...

:-) like magic !! Surely you will like it. :-)

Persian Traveler said...

How much a 10.3 would cost you?
email me