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My main harness for the past 2 years was the Impress 2+, which was very comfortable for my taste. Then came the Impress 3 M .
1.81 m and 73 kg inside the M size.

The construction of the harness and details are ‘impeccable”. It is very rare to find between harnesses such a jewel in terms of “finessing”  ;-) !
The harness impresses you to the level of handling it with respect. Swiss precision! ;-)

In the air:
In order to feel better the harness, I did make a flight in the Impress 2 + and the Sigma 8 25 @ 93,and then landed at the take off in the same conditions and switched to the Impress 3 M @ 90 all up.

Immediately after take I felt more roll movements than the Imp 2+ has. May be I am a bit skinny inside the M size.
Conditions of the day were like small 3m/s bullet thermals with 10 m “radius”. “Frequent on our sites”.
It was an exceptional day for trying to put the glider in its path using the harness.

My flying was long adapted to a seat board, and used to have a support point inside the Imp 2 when weight shifting, and that, wasn’t available in the Impress 3 as it doesn’t have one.
I think that time is needed to adapt to that feeling that I didn’t get used to it yet after 5 hours. It could be my stubborn head to adapt …

But I felt that “it rolls a bit quicker than I could weight shift to counter steer”.
Nothing out of the ordinary for that level of race harnesses, but just a bit more roll than the Impress 2 +.

The strong points of this harness are its superb comfort in the air by supporting the back and the hips + the light feel of carrying it on the take off.

The pluses:
A comfortable feeling, with nice back and hips support.
Lighter than Impress 2 by -3 kg.
A superb product with excellence in details and construction.

The minuses:
Has more roll in the thermals than the Impress 2. (I am 1.81m and 73 kg) May be a bit skinny inside the M that does explain the roll.
Doesn't have a "support point" when you weight shift (no seat board edge) like the Impress 2, but it needs time to adapt to its weight shift characteristics.
More feedback:
Flying inside the harness i thought I'd make a small modification for skinny people, to limit the "slack" roll i was feeling.
After receiving some e-mails of pilots that found a similar feeling in roll movement,here's a photo of the modification that i don't recommend to make before contacting the pros at ADVANCE to be on the safe side. But it worked fine for me.
A small strap on each side about ± 16 cm (see pic) would suffice but i did install the trims to see at what point it will erase the roll excess.
I found that just a bit of pressure would be enough. No need to pull them hard. Just a slight pressure.


And i did install the neoprene cover on the chest strap to prevent the inside hard webbing's to hurt the chest on take offs when leaning forward.



  1. Hi Zen,

    I enjoy your review and comparison; this harness did catch my attention. Can you comments on the speed bag adjustment; were you at the maximum speed bag length? I am 1.85 cm in height and was wondering if a size M was the right size...

    I am surprised you did not comment on the back protection which seem to be limited to the lower back compared to other harness.... Can you share your views on this aspect, I currently fly the same harness Impress 2+ but I am hesitant to switch the the I3.

  2. Hi,
    I am not in the max speed bag length.May be more 5 cm. Yes the back protection is small.
    The harness support the back and hips more comfortably than impress 2+ but in moving air the I2 is much more stable in roll movements.

  3. Hi Ziad,
    first of all thanks for your "work" of testing all this gear, I really enjoy reading your reports!

    Regarding the Impress 3: I experienced the roll-momentum of the harness as very helpful for avoiding collapses. Since I fly this harness my Mantra M4 hasn´t collapsed any more due to the "forced weightshift" to the side which is loosing load.

    Can you imagine what I am trying to explain?

    Greetings from Austria,

  4. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for your comments.Yes of course,the harness is good for feeling the air mass. I found it sometimes to have just a little slack to react ,surprisingly much like the brakes of the M4.
    Happy flights,

  5. Hi Ziad,

    So since you eventually sell your gear after testing for a while. Are you going to sell the Impress 3? Or are you replacing your Impress 2? I believe that will also be a good indicator of the appeal of this new harness ;)

  6. Hi Jorge,I already sold the Impress 3.Keeping the I 2 for the moment. :-)

  7. i don't understand. where did you put thouse stamps?
    "A small strap on each side about"

  8. Selam ziad.tu a testé la genie lit?

  9. Selam ziad.tu a testé la genie lit?

  10. hi i need an impress 3 M green do you have any whats the price I dont mind if is used
    you can write me to mal mail

  11. Hi Ricardo,
    Sorry... i don't have one .I only sell the tested ones which was sold long ago.cheers

  12. Hi Ziad

    At which points did you attach the straps you added please? I can see the one to the chest strap buckle. Is the idea to secure it to the carib and create some cross bracing?

    1. Hi Matthieu,
      It look like a cross bracing but effectively it's only the keep away useless roll movements.
      From the carabiners to the attachment strap .may be 12 to 15 cm. .there's a picture on the paragliding forum in the I3 topic.


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