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Monday, November 14, 2011


Air Cross “U-Cross”

Unpacking the black and green glider on the take off is a scene to watch.
Magnificent work is done on the canopy with strings,ribs,cells,openings …a complicated work looking like an inside of a Swiss watch !
A true workmanship…
I thought I was going to the moon inside the NASA space shuttle ;-)
Regular lines are installed on the lower part and unsheathed on top.
Taking off with no wind would imply a steady pull with no releasing until it’s overhead, like its older brother the U-sport.
First thermal, and a medium brake pressure much like the NOVA Factor 2, which I thought i would never find a more agile glider, because it wouldn’t be usable! But I did.
The U-Cross has even more agility than the Factor 2 !!
Flying the U-Cross “efficiently” in thermals would require a refined skill in touching the brakes, as it is important to keep the powerful glider overhead for better coring!
The designer made such a superb work inside the canopy leading to a very pressurized and powerful
glider. And this will undoubtedly ensure that you won’t get a blow out easily if the glider stays over your head.
I could describe the U-Cross inside the EN-C Cat, where the OZONE Delta feels like a happy long haired cool dude with his pants lower than usual, with bent knees, hang loose mode in a “Rasta man”  way ;-)  !
The U-Cross feels more like an energetic 20 year old with big muscles, just popping out the gym, nose up, with a Red Bull drink in his hand, looking right and left in a fraction of a second and walking with his feet nearly touching the ground, just like a spring no matter if there’s no one to watch ;-) !

Going on a series of 360’s on the U-Cross has to be done surely before eating ;-)
And after some steep turns, it is ok to open your mouth in a rectangular shape and shout to your “Mamma”  :-)
The Guys who love that feeling will surely exchange their bed pillow with the U-Cross ;-)

Loaded at 95 on the S size, the climb rate in weak conditions is average.
The performance is inside the EN-C Cat much like the UP XC2 or the GIN tribe M ,or the DELTA M, with a faster trim speed.

Meeting the EN-C certification puts the U-Cross in a short speed travel that will enable it when fully deployed to increase at ±10 km/h, with a fairly good glide.
Big ears are stable, and reopen quickly.


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