Saturday, March 17, 2012

NIVIUK Artic 3 (RACE version)

Some feedback.
The Artik 3 Race has some more raw feeling under it than the normal Artik 3.But that's fairly fine.
The Race lines also added some strong character to the Artik 3 especially in those small disorganized thermals ,it became a bit energetic on its own by imposing its path and won't let the pilot quickly put it where he wants, like the normal version. It is still very agile in "homogenous" weak or strong thermal.

This week was very windy and rainy weather .We couldn't fly . Today I just came from a soaring site near my house that i know very much.
The wind "down" at the beach was around + 30 km/h !! In this site i have flown over the years many gliders in bad or windy weather and i know it by heart .

I can confirm that the Race version loaded at top is the fastest at trim i flew here ...I had the feeling i could soar with "nearly" a speed wing Wink .
This glider cuts and goes forward even in gusts !!!
I am pretty interested by the future comments of pilots flying the 25 Race version at + 94 all up. Smile