Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SKYWALK Cayenne 4 S

SKYWALK Cayenne 4 S

Last year I flew the Poison 3 from SKYWALK. It was a serene, solid and easy “D” glider.
Months had passed and I noticed that a young guy who worked at NOVA for the development of the Mentor 2 (which I liked the flying qualities), moved to SKYWALK.
I was intrigued to find out what Alex Höllwarth would develop at SKYWALK !
When the first rumors about the Cayenne 4 appeared I immediately ordered one. Paid for it a bit more than I expected, waited 45 days for it to arrive. It took 17 days of custom clearance, and to collect it, we waited from 7 Am ! Until 1 PM !
Does it worth that entire wait?

The glider is very light .Red plastic rod on the leading edge, like the ones on the M2.The construction is nothing less than ideal ! Top notch equipment.
Every riser has only 7 lines! with only 2 A’’s

Launching the glider is a non-event and easy for that class of gliders.

The brakes were a bit long, and were adjusted by -4 cm. First thermal, first turn………
Light and progressive brake travel, very nice coordinated handling…A jewel !
I could circle for hours without getting my hands tired. A bliss .

The conditions of the day were pretty nasty and turbulent as described by my flying friends later on.
Strangely, in this air, the glider was very comfortable to fly.
The glider in those nasty conditions surely moves, but its movements do not disturb the pilot. It is not twitchy in the air. I can describe the feeling under it as “very comfortable” for a “C” glider.
The turns are a pure joy if accompanied with weight shift.
The trim speed is high near 40 km/h.
The glide performance showed that the Cayenne 4 is among the “top” leaders of the “C” category.

The accelerator is smooth and the glide at that angle is still amazing!
Big ears are easy to induce and are an efficient way to descend. They need just a dab to open them.

I don’t know how they did it…..
If your aim is the “C’ category .A Cayenne 4 test flight is a must …More than a thousand words.
I LOVE it ☺

Flew the S size 80-100 at 94 all up. 





  1. Hi Ziad,

    How would you compare the handling (user friendliness) between the Aspen 4 and the Cayenne4? Thanks

    1. HI Jorge,
      I think they are very close in feeling and easiness of flight,and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish them.

  2. Hi Ziad,
    I would like to see (read) your opinions on the paragliders Windtech - Zenith Evolution EN B, and the EN C Fenix.

    1. эво достойное крыло, скорость большая. Теряет высоту на разворотах и при спудняках. Склонен к подсрыву потока, клеванты мягкие.

  3. Hi Ziad,

    Great job you have been doing for the paragliding community with those comparative tests.

    Any chance of getting your hands on a Synergy5? The gliding ratio and speed range, according to the producer at least, are very impressive.




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