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ADVANCE Lightness 2

ADVANCE Lightness 2

The 2015 Lightness 2 is ADVANCE new light harness and the replacement of the old Lightness 1.

As usual, ADVANCE products are a pleasure to un-box, for their superb quality and the excellent workmanship.
The materials, the sewing, and the design of the Lightness 2 couldn’t be compared to any recent light harness. It is a class of it’s own by the purity of a high-end, very well engineered piece of equipment.

Comfort in the air :
Having flown many pod harnesses, ADVANCE seat-less board Lightness 1 and, Impress 3 were the most comfortable ones for the flying position as they deliver un-matched body support in the air.
The Lightness 2 with it’s 3 kg, inherited this incredible comfort of a superb back support !

The roll movements of the Lightness 2 are slightly more than the ones on a WV GTO or a Genie light but less than the lightness 1 , as there’s an option of adjusting the chest strap.
It is also slightly more roll stable than an Impress 3 who had some un-necessary 2 cm ‘roll slack’ on each side.
The lightness 2 pilot will feel a more compact roll movement as if he is a part of the harness.

On the lightness 2, i could just let my feet rest on the front part of the pod without a single effort to keep my feet leveled ! With all the harnesses i flew, except the Impress 3, i had to sustain a slight effort to keep my feet horizontally inside the pod.
Inside the Lightness 2, the feet are supported in some ingenious way, that they just rest straight as if you were on a bed ! Very relaxing on long flights.

The weight shift on the seat-less Lightness 2 are more efficient than on the Impress 3 .
A seat-less harness doesn’t have a pressure point on your thighs ,like the edge of a seat board does provide for an efficient feeling in turns, but the lightness 2 new geometry is close to this efficient and precise turning feel !

The light materials used for a warm pod are excellent. I was flying for an hour in +3 C to +5 C inside this pod and i was perfectly warm and feeling great !

One small detail: The storage under the seat should bear a strap in order to support a +3 kg water ballast. Without this strap a small ball shape of the ballast is shown from the outside under the pilot. It’s very easy for anyone to sew or add one if needed…

I’m waiting curiously for the Impress 4 as a regular XC and comp harness with a more heavy duty use. Especially at this level of comfort !
But would also wish for even an adjustable roll movement control…

From all the harnesses i flew especially among the light ones, the Lightness 2 stands as the most comfortable, for a superb back and hip support.
With a light glider, and the ADVANCE compact rucksack, All equipment will be under 10 kg.
The simplicity and magic of flying will keep you even more enchanted.



  1. Ziad

    I've been patiently waiting for this review :) If you are able I'd appreciate it if you could give some guidance for my particular situation.

    I currently fly a gin genie lite and the gin carrera large. I love the wing. There are two reasons why I'm thinking of changing the harness for the lightness 2: as I continue to improve and spend longer in the air I'm longing for that "zen comfort" - no strains or pressure points. I have not had the opportunity to fly a hammock style harness, but it appears to offer this comfort factor. The concern I have is with regards to control and more particularly, compatibility with the wing. I find the carrera needs a good amount of weight shift to enter into a true spiral and for wing-overs. I really appreciate the gin genie lite in this regard: you can flick the switch - legs out and bang in the weight shift hard. What are your thoughts on the ability of doing this with the advance lightness 2?

    If things go wrong, are you able to "ball-up" with the the lightness 2?

    There may be other harnesses that are even more comfortable - but they come at a price of weight. (The other consideration) Given that a lot of the flying we do in Scotland requires an initial walk of 500-800m altitude, I'm keen to keep the weight down.

    Thank you kindly for any advice you can offer


    1. HI Andrew,
      The Lightness 2 has a better comfort overall especially as a hammock style. But it surely moves slightly more in the air than the Genie Light. Weight shift as you described is efficient when a seat board is installed, but the efficiency on the lightness 2 is not far ...
      Now if you are looking for the comfort side...Look no further for now .The Lightness 2 is a very comfortable seat less harness.

  2. Hi Ziad!

    I'm also looking into buying my first pod harness and it will be a light version anyway. The lightness 2 is on the top of the list but I also like the Chogori light ('under-cover'/importprodukte/fly7000-chogori-light-harness-gleitschirm). It's the same as the Dudek Soul or Techno.

    I consider the last 2 as well because they offer better back protection and more storage space. I don't know about the built quality.

    Do you have any experience with these two harnesses?


    1. Hello. I have the chogori and i m really happy with it.
      I tryed the lightness 2 just for a short fly in calm air so not enough to compare, but i love the semi rigid table of the chogori under my bottom.
      I think i did aa really good choice.

    2. Hello. I have the chogori and i m really happy with it.
      I tryed the lightness 2 just for a short fly in calm air so not enough to compare, but i love the semi rigid table of the chogori under my bottom.
      I think i did aa really good choice.


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