Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Air Design Rise 2 Superlight


  1. Hi Ziad where you'll test the mentor 4? I can not wait ... I want to buy a new wing but I expect what you think. Thank you for your response 😉 Peter

  2. Hi Ziad
    I'm looking forwart to your test report of the Rise 2 Superlight! I hope you'll tell us the small differences between the Rise 2 and the Superlight.
    Maybe you can tell us about the expected durability of the Superlight? To me the material seems to be very thin and not as durable as for example the Sky Argos or the Ozone Swift (as an EN-B comparison). The Superlight would be a Glider for "everyday - use".

    1. Hi Silas, It looks very robust comparing it to a few light ones.
      The feeling between regular and light are very close, may be the light cloth gives an impression of a more direct feedback, but still the Superlight is a very comfortable B glider to fly anywhere.


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